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awareness is key

Perhaps the most effective tool we have in ending human trafficking for good is education and prevention.

The Vos También team EDUCATES the public on the signs of human trafficking. We TEACH women and girls both in urban and rural areas how to PROTECT themselves and their loved ones against traffickers. 


We EDUCATE MEN on the harmful effects of prostitution, pornography, and buying sex. We believe that they do not fully understand the gravity of what they are doing, and through this type of EDUCATION, can help us put an END to a vicious social cycle.

VT raises AWARENESS about human trafficking for the benefit of the general public. Helping people recognize the signs of human trafficking is key in the fight to end modern day slavery.

To request a speaker from VT to come to your business, church, or event, you can email us here.

To learn more about the outreaches that we are a part of, please email us.

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