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The most important way you can help to support VT is by praying for us! Below you'll find a few of the specific ways you can pray:

We are in a time of transition, prayer, and growth right now. It's exciting and difficult all at once! We appreciate your continued prayers for the things we are encountering that we cannot share with you here.


- Pray for the VT team, that we would continue to hear the voice of God and what He wants for the ministry.

-Pray for the hearts of those caught in human trafficking. That they would be opened to the word of God and the freedom He has for them.

-Pray for God's will to be done in the funding of the program, that the money would continue to come in to support survivors.

-Pray for the hearts of the government officials in Argentina, that they would be opened to updating, strengthening, and enforcing the laws surrounding human trafficking.

-Pray for boldness in those called to speak out against human trafficking in the Rio de la Plata

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