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Vos También is a ministry with a heart for the daughters of God who are caught in human trafficking in the Rio de la Plata region of South America. Our passion is to see these precious ones rescued from th nightmare of slavery and brought into the loving arms of their Savior. (Isaiah 9:1)

During a small group discussion on calling, destiny, and vision, Jessica Coss and Rachel King discovered their calling overlapped- and that their lives were about to change.

Jessica is is a passionate abolitionist and fashion illustrator/designer, and Rachel is a gifted counselor and dedicated Paramedic. Both with a love for missions and an itch to travel, God reveealed His plan for their lives that night and Vos También was born.

Clayton Coss and Ben King, husbands and integral parts of the founding of VT, were in attendance that night. They too saw that God was moving in a big way. Clayton now heads up our financial branch and Ben is our Chaplain. Both lead our Vos También mens' ministries and outreaches.

After intensive Bible-based counseling classes with Betty Johnston, PhD., and visits with other anti-trafficking organizations, Vos También began fundraising for a place to house survivors of slavery in Argentina. There is still so much work to do, and we have faith that our Heavenly Father will direct our path and His Will will be done on earth!

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